Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts


Type Tool Keyboard Shortcuts!

Align Center: Command Shift C
Align Left: Command Shift L
Align Right: Command Shift R
Justify paragraph left aligns last line: Command Shift J
Justify paragraph force the last line: Command Shift F
Justify paragraph: Command Shift F
Bold / Faux Bold: Command Shift B
Italic / Faux Italic: Command Shift I
Underline: Command Shift U
Small Caps: Command Shift H
Show Hide Selection: Command H
Auto leading: Command Shift Option A
0 for tracking: Command Control Shift Q
All Caps (on/off): Command Shift K
Hyphenation (on/off): Command Option Shift H

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Blend Mode Keyboard Shortcuts!

Cycle through blending modes: Shift + or Shift –
Normal: Shift Option N
Dissolve: Shift Option I
Behind (Brush tool only): Shift Option Q
Clear (Brush tool only): Shift Option R
Darken: Shift Option K
Multiply: Shift Option M
Color Burn: Shift Option B
Linear Burn: Shift Option A
Lighten: Shift Option G
Screen: Shift Option S
Color Dodge: Shift Option D
Linear Dodge: Shift Option W
Overlay: Shift Option O
Soft Light: Shift Option F
Hard Light: Shift Option H
Vivid Light: Shift Option V
Linear Light: Shift Option J
Pin Light: Shift Option Z
Hard Mix: Shift Option L
Difference: Shift Option E
Exclusion: Shift Option X
Hue: Shift Option U
Saturation: Shift Option T
Color: Shift Option C
Luminosity: Shift Option Y
Desaturate Sponge tool: Shift Option D
Saturate Sponge tool: Shift Option S
Threshold for bitmap images: Shift Option N
Other Useful Keyboard Shortcuts!
Switch between open documents: Command Tab
Redo Last Filter: Command F
Opens Last Filter Dialog Box: Command Option F
Reset Dialog Box: Hold Option, Cancel turns into Reset
Repeat last Transformation: Command-Shift-T
Highlight Fields in Options bar: (n/a for all tools) Enter
Canvas Size Dialog Box: Command Option C
Image Size Dialog Box: Command Option I
Show/hide panels and Tool bar: Tab
Show/hide panels: Shift Tab
Don’t Snap object edge while moving: Hold Control
Hide all other layers: Option click on the visibility iconChange the Range of the Dodge or Burn Tools:
(Dodge or Burn Tool must be active)
Shadows: Shift Option S
Midtones: Shift Option M
Highlights: Shift Option H
Keyboard Shortcuts panel: Command Option Shift K
To check or set your own custom shortcuts


Clear print settings: hold spacebar while selecting File > Print.


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